Morecambe divided over prom plans

A plan of the proposed Urban Splash development.
A plan of the proposed Urban Splash development.

PLANS for Morecambe’s seafront continue to divide the town.

Following last week’s story on the proposed development next to the Midland Hotel, here are some of your views:

Speaking at the Morecambe Town Council meeting at Morecambe Town Hall on July 19:



Fraser Smalley: “Do we really need more shop developments? Do we need them on the prom? I don’t think we do. I personally don’t think this is the right location.”

Roger Gittins: “I want to live my life in a thriving town not a dying town. People who are opposed to developments make an awful lot more noise than people in favour.”

Diana Heyes: “I want this development to go ahead for the future of Morecambe and for future generations. I have seen what Urban Splash have done for Salford. It’s forward progression.”

Sue Thompson (Friends of the Midland Hotel): “My main concern is for the hotel. People won’t come if there’s a building adjacent to it.”

Steve Williams: “I believe we should have a referendum on it. The application is as clear as mud.”

Malcolm O’Neil: “We don’t want anything building on that land. You can have a good time on Morecambe promenade but you can’t if someone builds concrete flats there. We’ve got this fabulous view. Why spoil it? How stupid are we? Let’s get Urban Splash to look at the West End.”


David Whitaker: “If I was to vote now I would vote against it on many issues. Accommodation. The housing market is dead. I don’t think (Urban Splash chairman) Tom Bloxham has done his homework. We need to be getting him here to speak to the people.”

Darren Clifford: “In my view this particular development is a curate’s egg. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. But we have to give this a fair hearing otherwise we will be the generation who passed the torch to the next generation after it had been extinguished.”

Tricia Heath: “It’s not realistic to think that Urban Splash would go to (develop) another site (like Frontierland). They are not going to go out and purchase another site when they already have land they have been given. But this is not the right location.”

Beryl Spelling: “I think Morecambe has been undervalued for years and we desperately need development of the right sort but not this. Leisure but not residential.”

This was the reaction to Morecambe Town Council’s decision to oppose the plans on Twitter.

Peter Kane (@kaniep)

“Yes get in.... Hope lancastercc see sense as well.”

Brown Communication (@Brown_comm)

“Tricky one. Sympathetic ideas required but no-one else is queueing to do anything. Those plans could (be) a lifeline. Plus, in terms of views, whose would they spoil? Morrison’s or Home Bargains? Leaving as it is is a death sentence for town.”

Phil Morgan (@Moggie_P)

“MTC are obviously stuck with their heads in the sand. Any development and investment is too good an opportunity to miss!”

Patrick (@Stub_Crouch)

“Sympathetic is needed. Seems to be a stock response to seaside development to just fill space with Posh Flats. Sad to say but it might have helped if The Midland had been pulled down. All new build will just clash horribly. Problem is, it’s the flats that are the cash driver. The public/event spaces looked great and would draw ppl in.”

Andrew Waugh ‏@andrewwaugh

“Shocking. Jobs and an economy is better than a ghost town with nice views.”

John H ‏@QuantumOfSoLFCe

“Something like this is very much needed with regards to the regeneration of Morecambe. Will bring money, job, visitors!!”