Mapping out our town’s future

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Morecambe needs a major facelift and there are no easy solutions.

The town is massively underperforming economically because there is very little demand to invest in central Morecambe.

These are the words of Lancaster City Council’s new 10-year blueprint for the town’s future.

The Morecambe Area Action Plan (MAAP) says the number of visitors to Morecambe since 2005 has actually increased by 12%.

But this has had no positive impact on the economy.

A 2011 survey suggested this is because while the numbers coming to town has gone up, they don’t stay for long enough.

They do not walk far within central Morecambe, do one or two things at most and stay for no longer than two hours.

So the main aim of the MAAP is to make it more attractive for residents and visitors to move around central Morecambe, to ‘stitch’ the heart of the town to the seafront.

“The collapse of the town’s role as a traditional English seaside resort is well known,” it says.

“This left the town with a central area that in many ways is not fit for purpose.

“Away from the seafront the experience (of Morecambe) fails to meet expectations of residents and visitors.”

The MAAP pledges to help support community projects, promote the town better and seek new investors.

The council will “lead by example” but won’t do all the work itself, saying Morecambe’s revival will need a collective effort by all who care about the town.

In some respects, the Morecambe Area Action Plan (MAAP) doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know.But it does map out some ideas for how to make things better.