Link road on track, on time and on budget

The route of the Heysham M6 Link Road
The route of the Heysham M6 Link Road
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The Heysham M6 Link Road is on track to finish on time and within budget.

Road builders Costain say the project has made good progress during the summer 0f 2015 on key areas of the scheme and continues to be on budget and on target for the road to be opened to traffic in summer 2016.

Lune West Bridge - south bank.JPG

Lune West Bridge - south bank.JPG

Work on the road, which will connect the Heysham peninsula with the M6 at a newly configured junction 34, started in 2014 following lengthy planning battles between those for and against the development.

Richard Helme, Costain construction manager, said: “Throughout the year the project team have been successful in achieving a number of key milestones that have enabled planned earthworks progress to be maintained.

“All 12 major structures are now well under way and the construction team have overcome a number of engineering challenges.

“The public will have noted the critical backfill of the arch at the canal, removal of a span from the existing Foundry Lane Bridge, and notably the 2,300 tonnes of steelwork installed at the iconic Lune West Bridge.”

Some technical issues on the deck of the bridge delayed work for a time, but these have now been resolved, Mr Helme said. “Excellent progress has also been made on the mainline roadworks with drainage and blacktop progressing west from Shefferlands roundabout west towards the A6.

“Beaumont Junction and the alignment of the new road on the A6 is also clearly evident to the public.”

Work on the junctions at Northgate and Morecambe Road have also seen a number of challenges relating to the existing services and poor ground conditions, but Costain are now able construct the more visible elements of the junction.

Mr Helme added that the company’s pledge to take on 100 unemployed people had surpassed its target, and 80 per cent of the Costain labour force come from an LA postcode.

“At the new M6 Junction 34. slip roads have also 
progressed significantly throughout the year with carriageway construction,” he said.

“The project challenges ahead remain with the Lancastrian weather throughout the winter period.”

County Coun John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport said: “Building is now entering the final phase with the construction of the main carriageway and the road surface itself. We’re also planting trees, shrubs, grass and flowers as part of the landscaping. An incredible amount of work has been completed to get to this stage, and with less than a year to go until the road opens we’re already thinking ahead to how to mark the opening.”