Internet specialist knows what’s Best

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A young internet entrepreneur is hoping to speed up how we use search engines and get better results direct to our screens.

Mike Haywood, of Lancaster, has established BestSites4U.Com, which aims to put five of the best websites infront of world wide web surfers when they use the site.

Mike, 22, studied at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and then went travelling around the world as well as working in London.

He said the special feature of is that users can instantly access the top five websites within their chosen topic of interest.

The unique search engine then instantly produces five results relevant to a search, which have all been independently researched and ranked, based on a number of factors such as the quality of the website’s design, website user-friendliness, website traffic stats and most importantly, public opinion.

Mike said: “We are not trying to take on Google as they have so many feathers in their cap, what we are trying to offer is part of what Google offers already.

“There is so much information around it is difficult to know what to trust but someone’s recommendation of top sites is altogether different, which is why we base our website rankings so much on people’s opinions and experiences.

“No-one knows what someone is searching for better than the person searching for it. This is why we developed the website in the first place.

“It’s amazing how much time you can waste online when trying to find a reliable source for what you’re looking for, especially when you have to trawl through pages of results that are not entirely relevant to your search”.

He explained that Google searches present people with sites based on a combination of algorythms and SEO (search engine optimisation ranking) which means the results can sometimes overlook the best websites.

The BestSites4U.Com model is that websites have been researched by trained staff in advance to make sure they fit the bill. The idea has been in development for two years and Mike’s background includes the pharmaceutical industry and specialising in online business start-ups.

He now employs 10 staff in New Delhi, India, America and London.

The business was launched during the Preston Guild Trades Procession with banners in front of 10s of thousands of spectators.