Family firm is going strong

Smalleys, Euston Road, Morecambe.
Smalleys, Euston Road, Morecambe.

If there ever was the definition of a family business, then it’s Smalleys. The shop was opened originally by the Smalley family, then taken over by its current owners the Walkers in 1990 when the Smalleys retired.

Husband and wife Adrian and Vivian Walker, and their son Scott all live and work in the four-storey premises on Euston Road.

It’s testimony to Smalleys’ personal touch that the shop has remained in the same location in Morecambe town centre since 1961.

“Our customers become like friends of ours,” says Adrian.

“They start with a pram, then they buy little trikes and toys, then their first bike, and they keep coming back with their children and their children’s children.”

Adrian, who began working in the shop aged just 14, said Smalleys has survived the rise of internet shopping because the family are “meticulous and thorough”.

“You can’t get the service from the internet that you get from this shop. Word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get. We spend time with our customers to make sure all the parts on our bikes are spot-on.

“The Olympics has made a difference too. People have been digging their bikes out of their sheds and bringing them in for repairs.”

The Walkers are positive and enthusiastic people who believe Morecambe has a lot to offer.