Diggers blight shop owner

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THREE-tier cakes have been ruined and clocks and ornaments smashed after vibrations from diggers, constructing Morecambe’s Travelodge, caused havoc, a shop owner claims.

Margaret Driver, who owns Jerome Celebrations Cakes, on Euston Road, says the noisy diggers come right past the corner of her shop, causing valuables to smash and clocks to fall off the wall onto her homemade cakes.

Dust has been wafting into the shop, and she says her trade has been hit.

She said: “These diggers have killed my trade completely. I’m quite happy with the Travelodge coming here, because it’s good for Morecambe, but it’s really been bad for me.

“Customers won’t come in because they are scared of the machinery going past. Most of the day is taken up with dusting, and I’ve had to redo my cakes I don’t know how many times.

“The noise the digger makes is horrendous, and when it goes by you can’t speak.”

See The Visitor (31-08-11) for full story.