Bus passengers lose out in route changes, upset at Remembrance cross costs, Brexit advice to PM Theresa May, people's generosity to health charity

Readers' letters, November 13

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 3:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th December 2018, 3:08 pm
Passengers are upset at Stagecoach route changes

Passengers from Bare losing out

Most people will be aware by now of the axing of the number 4 bus route which is causing great problems for a good number of Bare residents.

We now have four buses each hour travelling down Low Lane, and not one down Bare Lane.

It is apparent that the first and third buses of the hour are approximately half full, while the second and fourth are virtually empty.

This is neither cost effective for Stagecoach bus company nor customer friendly for the residents of Bare.

Surely one of these buses could, and should, be re-routed down Bare Lane, whose residents, many of them elderly, are being sadly neglected. If you wish to protest and hopefully have, at least, an hourly service down Bare Lane then email, write or both, to – [email protected] and [email protected]

If you take no action you will get no action.

R Crowther, Sizergh Road, Bare

Too costly for a cross

As an ex-soldier who has always put a small wooden cross to remember two friends who lost their lives whilst serving – I went to get a cross and saw a price list – small cross £2, plus other things.

I can afford £2 but I’m sure there are people who can’t, including ex-service men and women.

I think having a price list is wrong. The poppy is supposed to represent those who gave their lives for our freedom. What is wrong with giving what you can afford? An angry veteran

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May needs to be more hard-nosed

As a businessman I feel our Prime Minister has been out of her depth in these Brexit negotiations.

From the beginning she should have had a couple of hard nosed businessmen with her. She is dealing with people who know that all they have to do is say no until they get what they want.

If running through a wheat field is the naughtiest thing she has done, it shows she isn’t street wise, and looking at her record she has achieved very little.

But staying in her Home Office position for six years at least shows that she is a survivor. However, this time it is not enough. The sticking point of the Irish problem could easily be settled if the EU had the will because checks are already carried out on some things so this could easily be extended.

Heligoland is in the North Sea, 30 miles from Germany and under their control since 1890 – which is in the EU – has tax exempt status excluding it from EU VAT and custom union.

Perhaps Mrs May could mention this when next talking to Mr Barnier?

Another frustrated leaver

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People are so generous

The four trustees at A Breath for Life have been counting pennies which have turned into pounds.

Following our request for ‘charity begins at home’ in the Visitor a month ago, the following day the charity received the promise of £500 from the Bay Festival and Dance, which was a lovely surprise. Dorothy Loxam, one of the festival organisers, is a retired nurse who in retirement supported both A Breath for Life and Cancer Care. Dorothy has never ceased caring and helping local causes.

All donations are appreciated including the £10 thrust into the hand of a trustee at a recent unrelated event, the £20 given to our manager from a loyal friend and £300 arrived from a former patient who lives in Torquay, who wrote our facility was ‘outstanding’ which is always good to hear.

The charity has had a busy month with patients arriving from Liverpool, Burnley, Bolton and Poulton le Fylde.

We have recently had huge success treating a 63 year-old gent with severely infected varicose ulcers to both legs.

And that just about sums us up - we carry on with what we are doing and hope the pennies continue to turn into pounds.

Jane Dean, Honorary chairman, www.abreathforlife.org.uk