Builder’s house of dreams

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THREE young disabled women can now live together in the community following the renovation of a house by a local builder.

The property at Wentworth Crescent, Morecambe, will provide accommodation for the three women and their community support workers, who look after them full-time.

The house has six bedrooms and adaptations have been made to allow easy all-round access.

Builder Harry Armistead, of Harry Armistead Limited, has a disabled sister and a son who works with young disabled people, so he decided that rather than have the house for his own use, he would adapt the property for someone that really needed it.

Harry said: “I heard from Scope that these girls wanted a home and were struggling to find a home and I thought I’d like to help.

“Originally I wanted to create my dream home but the needs of these three young women are greater than my own.

“It’s something good for the community and for these girls.”

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