British-made is a healthy alternative

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I HAVE really enjoyed watching the Mary Portas programme about the decline of British manufacturing and her efforts to try and make a change to this.

She employed seven long-term unemployed people and had them trained to manufacture her new range of knickers. At the end of the series, Mary introduced the huge amount of people who would be kept in employment if this venture worked.

I am not trying to be political here, but it made me stop and think. It’s not just about those seven people – at least 20 other people would be kept in work. So I have decided that, where possible, I should be trying to buy products which are manufactured in the UK.

Firstly, because it will help the British economy – which I think we can all agree is necessary – by keeping British people in jobs.

Secondly, for environmental reasons – products that are made in the UK will not have to be transported huge distances to make it into our shops. Finally, for the quality.

Many people complain that products made in the UK may be more expensive; this is not actually always the case. It is often because UK businesses have to use better quality raw ingredients, and have to produce their products to a higher standard and will, therefore, produce a higher quality product which we, the consumer, will probably get better results from.

The health food industry is actually quite lucky here although the big name brands that most people have heard of are American-owned and US-made.

There are a huge number of brilliant British companies making some superb products so in a change to my normal weekly article I am going to encourage you, if you are going to take a supplement, a vitamin or a herbal remedy, no matter what it is, to back a British business.

This should be quite easy to do. If you are looking for a good bargain on cod liver oil, fish oil, glucosamine or your every day multi-vits, then choose local brand Nature’s Aid.

Nature’s Aid are all manufactured just up the road in Kirkham. They are produced to pharmaceutical standards, so no questions on the quality, but they are never over-priced or expensive!

Nature’s Aid also make some of my favourite products including Lutein Eye Formula, a fantastic eye protective tablet and Femeze, one of our favourite PMS support products which we have been getting some brilliant feedback from.

For more speciality products like high-strength multi-vitamins, hair growth products like Florisene or our favourite glucosamine product, Glucosamine Complete, look to another brilliant British brand producing their products reasonably locally – Lamberts.

Lamberts’ products are all manufactured by a company in Runcorn. They are again all produced to pharmaceutical standards and are therefore brilliant quality and strength. They are also, for what you get, very reasonably priced as well.

The final company I want to mention is Higher Nature. It is based in the south of England, but have been built up over the years to produce speciality and unique products, which are all produced in the UK to pharmaceutical standards.

One thing we love about Higher Nature is that they seem to put together products that a lot of people are looking for, but not many people actually make!

These products are featured in this column quite a lot because of the feedback that we get from our customers.

My favourites include Balance for Nerves, which does exactly what it says on the tin, giving a little more balance to those suffering with anxiety and worry; Thyroid Support Formula, aimed at people who are concerned that their thyroid may be a little under-active and, finally, Metabolic Balance, which can be very helpful for people struggling to control their appetite and sugar cravings.

So I hope you don’t mind the change of routine this week – normal service will be resumed next week, although I will be focusing more over the next few weeks on some of these brilliant British made products.