Britain’s Got Talent winners not work shy

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Collabro seem to live by the mantra ‘Make hey while the sun shines.’

Twelve months to the day since they won Britain’s Got Talent, the operatic quintet have released their second album. They popped by my show on The Bay for a chat, their third visit in a year.

The boys are not shy of hard work, the night before our chat they appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent final as the reigning champions followed my an early morning telly performance the next day on Lorraine Kelly’s show. Matt from the group explained that they are always busy.

“It doesn’t really stop, especially with the new album coming out. We are just back from Japan where we got an amazing response and we are going back again soon.”

The boys have been superseded as winners of Brittan’s Got Talent by a dog! Richard laughed “The dog didn’t look as nervous as us when we were in the final!”

The boy’s new album ‘Act 2’ is a collection of well-known tracks from musicals performed with Collabro’s trademark vocal harmonies.

Jamie from the group told me, “This album was a bit different. We asked the fans on Twitter and Facebook what they would like to hear next and they sent us hundreds of suggestions. We whittled it down to twenty and then chose the final ten for the record.”

Their first album went straight into the charts at number one and at the time of writing the follow up was selling pretty well too.

The boys have also signed a major record deal in America which will probably mean they are even busier than they are now.

I’m sure they will do really well across the pond.

Next week I hope to bring you news of my secret rendezvous with Leona Lewis.

That is not as dodgy as it sounds. I’ve been lucky enough to be granted an interview with the former X Factor winner, at a secret location of her choosing.

I’m hoping it’s somewhere posh and that she is paying! Leona is releasing her fifth studio album this summer and it’s her first with new record label ‘Island.’

She parted ways with Simon Cowell last year and is finally making the album that she wants to make. I can’t wait to meet her. I’ll let you know how I get on next week.