Brigade to rescue of house-trapped cats

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Two cats escaped certain death after they were rescued from a boarded-up house.

Firefighters were called upon for help by a local cat welfare charity after they received reports that two cats were trapped in a house on Bold Street in Morecambe.

Firefighters went to the house at 7pm on Sunday and using a ladder, kit and lighting, managed to remove boarding from the windows and release the cats into the custody of Cats Protection volunteers.

Blue Watch crew manager Steve Hyde said: “We don’t get tons of calls like this, it’s usually cats stuck up trees and that kind of thing. It took 40 minutes to release the cats.”

A spokesperson for Cats Protection said: “The cats are now safely in our care and we have never seen cats so hungry and thirsty.

“It could have been a different story if they hadn’t been rescued today.

“The cats, who we have named Ember and Ebony, are now in the safe hands of one of our dedicated foster carers to be fattened up.”

For more information on the Lancaster and Morecambe branch of Cats Protection call 01524 850112.