Breaking News: Boys rescued from sands

TWO young boys were lucky to escape with their lives after becoming trapped up to their waist in water on Middleton Sands this lunchtime.

The boys, aged 10 and 11, made a frantic call to police saying “We are stuck” after becoming surrounded by rising water.

The boys, both from the local area, had either been fishing or playing in the area near Ocean Edge caravan park when they were cut off on a sandbank with the tide coming in around them.

Police said they received a phone call from the boys at 12.22pm today, Tuesday and the coastguard and Morecambe lifeboat were informed.

The boys were waist deep in water by the time the hovercraft got there and rescued them.

They were taken to hospital for treatment but weren’t thought to be seriously injured.

A police spokesperson said: “It can be dangerous for kids to play unsupervised on the sands and its essential that parents know where their children are playing at all times.”

Paul Parks, watch manager at Liverpool Coastguard, said: “The tide was coming in and the boys were up to their knees and possiby their waists in water.

“The hovercraft from Morecambe rescued them from the bank - it was a close call.

“The boys were very cold and handed over to a waiting ambulance before being taken to hospital.

“Always check the tide times and if you do go out on the sands, make sure you have a safe route ashore.