Brakes put on USA website over Morecambe prom cycling

Cyclists using Morecambe promenade responsibly.
Cyclists using Morecambe promenade responsibly.
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An American website which challenged cyclists to race along Morecambe promenade has been shown the red light. has been asked to stop promoting Morecambe prom as a cycle route on its ‘social fitness’ website.

Runners and cyclists use the California-based site to record their best times on roads all over the world.

But after The Visitor flagged up the issue, Lancaster City Council asked Strava to delete the promenade from its database amidst fears that cyclists would be encouraged to speed and put pedestrians in danger.

Councillor Ron Sands, who lives near Morecambe Promenade, said: “We will be contacting Strava to inform them of the implications. Excessive speed by cyclists on the promenade is something that the city council does not encourage .”

Annie Vranizan from Strava said: “Athletes can create segments (essentially a stretch of road or trail) and see how they compare to others who took the same route.

“We also give them the tools to self-regulate and this includes the council and any other cyclist or runner who believes a stretch of road or trail to be hazardous. By flagging a segment, they are able to remove all competitive aspects. “We agree that it’s critical for cyclists, runners and pedestrians to have respect for one another, especially on shared use paths.”

The Visitor has recently received a number of letters and calls from members of the public with concerns about cyclists on the promenade.