Boy savaged by dog

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A GRANDFATHER is furious that a dog allowed to run free in the streets has savaged his 11-year-old grandson.

Tyler-Jay Henderson was visiting his grandfather Ken Henderson at Delamere Avenue in Heysham when he was attacked by a pitt-bull type of dog.

The dog appeared when Tyler-Jay and a group of children were playing in the quiet cul-de-sac on Friday, April 29, at around 8pm.

All of the children ran away but Tyler-Jay was the last to manage to climb over a fence when the dog went for him.

Tyler-Jay was hauling his legs over the fence when the dog bit into his ankle. He sustained severe puncture wounds and is now on crutches. Doctors have not been able to stitch the wounds so Tyler-Jay has to visit the hospital regularly to have the dressings changed.

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