Boy’s abduction claim made up

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A SCHOOLBOY sparked a wild goose chase when he told police he was bundled into a car by a man wearing a hockey mask.

But just after The Visitor went to press with the story, the teenager admitted he made the whole thing up.

Police had earlier issued an urgent appeal for witnesses after the 14-year-old from Clarendon Road, Morecambe, who has not been named, came to them “distraught” with claims of a terrible ordeal.

The boy told police he was walking down an alley between Clarendon Road and Westminster Road at around 5.30pm on Monday evening.

He said a man, acting alone, grabbed hold of him and pushed him into the back of his car.

The teenager said the driver offered him a drink from a water bottle, which he refused, then as the vehicle drove away and reached Westcliffe Drive, slowed to turn around the corner.

The boy claimed he let himself out through a back door and ran away to the nearby Regent Leisure Park on Westgate, where he called police.

He then gave police a detailed description of his alleged abductor, saying he was wearing a striped hockey mask.

Police launched an investigation, saying it was “vital” to catch the alleged culprit as soon as possible.

But after further questioning of the boy, he admitted the allegations were false.