Boy braves the shave as well as the bullies

Lucas Haskins.
Lucas Haskins.
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When Lucas Haskins’ mum wanted to cut his hair ready for the new school year a year ago, he said he didn’t want to cut his hair this time.

When asked why, nine-year0old Lucas said: “I want to grow my hair so that it can be used to make a wig for a child with cancer.”

Lucas Haskins.

Lucas Haskins.

His mum Louise was stunned at his request.

“I was so surprised that he came to this decision all by himself and of course we are very proud of him, but I was really fearful that he would get teased at school once his hair started to grow longer and I tried to persuade him to cut it, but he was determined that this was something he felt strongly about.”

Louise’s fears were soon to come true. Lucas was teased by children at school and endured being called a “girl”.

Louise said there were many times when he came home from school really upset and she would ask him if he should just cut his hair to stop all the teasing, but his reply was always the same: “My hair isn’t long enough for a wig yet.”

Lucas Haskins.

Lucas Haskins.

In January, Lucas’s auntie passed away after a long battle with cancer and this made him even more determined.

Once the summer weather started and his hair had grown to his shoulders, Lucas was told he had to tie his hair up for school.

“This made the teasing worse,” said Louise, who had recently found out about “Brave the Shave”.

“I suggested to Lucas that he could join Brave the Shave and raise money and perhaps that money would be used to give someone a wig.”

Lucas agreed to join the Brave the Shave initiative. However, he was still determined to use his own hair for a wig.

On September 3, Lucas now 10, had his hair measured at 21cm long. It had taken a year and when asked if it was worth it, Lucas said: “Yes, because now I can help someone who has lost their hair to have a wig and it will make them feel better.”

Not only was Lucas able to join in with the MacMillan Cancer Support Brave the Shave initiative, he was also able to fulfill his year long commitment and donate his hair to the Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs for children suffering with hair loss.

If you would like to donate to Lucas, you can find Lucas Haskins when you search “find a brave shaver” at