Book sequel hails Morecambe revival

A lovely scene in Morecambe.
A lovely scene in Morecambe.
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An author is back in Morecambe’s good books after he gave our town a glowing review.

Sam Jordison hailed Morecambe for turning a corner since he lambasted our resort in his book ‘C**p Towns’ 10 years ago.

Jordison, from Lancaster, has released a sequel called ‘C**p Towns Returns – Back by Unpopular Demand’.

Although the book’s front cover shows a boarded-up Bold Street in the West End, inside Morecambe is singled out for praise.

“Every time I visit the town, it looks a little brighter, a little better,” Sam told the national Guardian.

“Last time I went for a walk in the West End, instead of seeing junkies and smashed-up cars, I saw people out in their front gardens having barbecues and looking happy.Ten years ago, if you’d invited me on holiday to Morecambe I’d have thought you were crazy. Now, I’d jump at the chance.”

“The town is starting to seem like a beacon of hope.”

But Jordison also said: “There are still serious problems.

“There’s still poverty. There are still collapsing buildings. There are still boarded-up shops. There’s still a gigantic supermarket slap bang in the middle of the seafront.

“Even so, the town has turned a corner. It really is better.”