Blow to Morecambe charity’s expansion plans

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Middleton charity A Breath for Life has been dealt a blow in its plans to expand the services it offers.

The charity, which treats people with different conditions using Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, is in the process of acquiring the Holistic Centre next door to its unit in Middleton.

But trustees have now received the disappointing news that it is now likely the existing cabins will have to be demolished.

The buildings were erected in 1986 with an expected life of 20 years, and so after 33 years have reached the end of their cost-effective life.

There is very little salvage value as the walls have concrete outer panels, fibreglass infill with an internal plasterboard finish.

There is a large flat roof with perished felting. There would be significant cost attached to rectification.

The trustees must now decide on a way forward with limited funds.

The construction of a purpose designed extension is the best and only plan, but this would require an enormous amount of fundraising to attain the necessary £100,000.

On March 15 it is Red Nose Day, which receives an enormous amount of publicity with millions raised for good causes both at home and abroad, and it is now hoped by the Breath for Life trustees that local people might help out the charity on Red Nose Day.

Jane Dean, chairman of trustees, said: “Charity starts at home but we open our arms to those in need.

“If A Breath for Life could turn Red Nose Day into a local Yellow Balloon Day where raised funds stay in Middleton, that would be huge help.

“The trustees invite any fundraisers to visit our unit and see firsthand where their efforts in raising money would lead.

“The trustees are justifiably proud of what has been achieved so far. The many thanks they receive from grateful families is reward enough, but the charity needs more space.

“Visit the site and see for yourself and know you can make a positive difference.”

Local groups in Middleton have already expressed support with monetary donations.

Meanwhile, Susan Wilkin, from Oswaldtwhistle, who has been attending A Breath for Life with her son Joseph for more than 10 years, took to the highway and entered the Great North Run last year, and raised hundreds of pounds for the charity.