Big stink after bins left to moulder for month

Councillor David Smith, Lancaster City Council
Councillor David Smith, Lancaster City Council

Outraged residents have slammed Lancaster City Council for refusing to catch up on bin collections missed after a one-day strike.

Wheelie bins and recycling boxes left unemptied after last Thursday’s industrial action will now not be collected until July 24 – a month since the last collection.

The council blamed “lack of resources” due to Government cuts.

Chris Abram, who lives on Lancaster Road in Carnforth, said: “I’m absolutely disgusted at their attitude, it’s a shambles. They seem to be blaming everything on Government cuts at the moment.

“They should make allowances and have a contingency plan. Our street is in uproar.

“We have several elderly people on this street and I’ve had to take their stuff to the tip.”

A man who lives in the Low Lane/Lonsdale Avenue area of Torrisholme, said: “I pay my council tax and expect to get the service I have paid for.

“We had no notification of this so all the bins were out for collection.

“Why couldn’t they have collected the bins on a different day like they do when there’s a bank holiday?

“The regard the council has for its customers is disgraceful. What other company treats their customers with contempt like this?”

Another Torrisholme resident said: “The bins are already overflowing and we have got to wait two more weeks. The bins will stink. Why can they not just come the next day?”

Coun David Smith from the city council apologised for the disruption. Local government workers, teachers, firefighters and civil servants went on strike over pay, jobs, privatisation and terms and conditions.

“Some waste and recycling collections were affected as a result of (the) strike action by public service unions,” said Coun Smith.

“Bins and boxes that were not collected will not now be collected until Thursday July 24. For the households affected additional side waste will be collected on that day. We are sorry for the disruption caused by the strike action but to arrange an extra weekend collection as we do after bank holidays would require extra resources which due to government cuts we do not have.”