Best products to help menopause

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LAST week I started having a look at some of my favourite British produced products by telling you all about my favourite PMS product Femeze. I have decided to follow that with a look at some of our favourite menopause products.

During the menopause the level of hormones produced by a woman’s body reduces. In an ideal world, this reduction would be gradual. This gradual reduction would cause little or no problems to the woman and eventually her periods would stop and that would be that.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and, as many women will tell you, the actual menopause experience can be vastly different.

This is because for most women the reality is that, rather than dropping gradually, hormone levels can dip suddenly and fluctuate wildly. This can lead to some very erratic periods, horrible mood swings and, the horror of many women, hot flushes and sweats.

Hot flushes and sweats are definitely one of the things that bother women the most about the menopause.

This is completely understandable as they can be deeply uncomfortable.

The woman never really knows how she is going to feel from one minute to the next, may not even be sure what clothes to wear as she will be hot one minute and cold the next.

Night times can become extremely distrupted as the hot flushes can wake you up through the night. If they are accompanied by sweats as well, this can be even more uncomfortable, with some women having to get up and change their night clothes if the sweating is particularly bad.

So what are the best things we can do to help this?

Well, if it is just hot sweats that are bothering you, then one of the best things you can try is Nature’s Aid Sage tablets. Providing 500mg of sage per tablet, these are a good strength. Sage is a remedy which was first identified by the ancient herbalists as being good for sweats as it also sweats in the heat!

Since then research has shown this to be correct and sage can actually help to reduce the amount of sweat produced so it can be really helpful for menopausal women suffering with flushes and sweats.

But marvellous as sage is, sometimes it is not enough on its own. For those who are also suffering with low energy and mood swings as well, additional help may be required.

One good option here could be Nature’s Aid Red Clover Complex. This clever little combination mixes a good dose of sage with red clover and Siberian ginseng. Red clover contains things called isoflavones which have the same chemical make up as the oestrogen normally produced by a woman’s body.

Taking isoflavones can basically help by conning the body into thinking that the oestrogen levels are higher than they actually are. This helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with low oestrogen including hot flushes and low mood.

Siberian Ginseng has been shown to help improve physical and mental stamina. The combination of red clover, sage and Siberian ginseng in Nature’s Aid Red Clover Complex should, therefore, be really helpful for any woman who is struggling with hot flushes combined with low energy and maybe low mood.

Finally, for those that feel they may actually be falling apart due to the menopause we can bring in the big guns in the form of Nature’s Aid Menacare Support. Menacare has some sage for the hot sweats with soya isoflavones, one of the best sources of isoflavones and highly rated for menopausal problems.

Menacare also contains Siberian ginseng for energy along with vitamin K2 for bone health, vitamin E for heart health and magnesium to help with muscular aches and pains.

A one-a-day formula, we really love the Menacare as it covers all, the bases for those who are really struggling.

So don’t suffer the menopause, support your body with one of these brilliant British products and reduce those nasty symptoms.