Beatles society backs Morecambe Birdman

Beatles fans support Morecambe birdman
Beatles fans support Morecambe birdman
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  • Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society want to support Morecambe’s Birdman
  • Support comes after John Wilkinson appeared in court again for breaching his anti-social behaviour disorder
  • Group explain council’s should designate areas for bird-feeders

The ‘Morecambe Birdman’ is getting by with a little help from his new friends – the official Beatles fan club.

The Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society has backed pensioner John Wilkinson after he was punished again for feeding pigeons.

John Wilkinson.

John Wilkinson.

After hearing that Mr Wilkinson had been hauled before the courts once more over his habit of repeatedly feeding birds in Morecambe, the group’s president decided

that all he needs is love.

John Chambers said: “We are big animal lovers, we are like Paul McCartney, we campaign for the rights of animals.”

Mr Wilkinson was given a 12-month community and supervision order after breaching a second anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) by giving the pigeons too much food.

Mr Chambers said: “We have suggested to Liverpool City Council, and all people’s towns and cities should follow suit, that instead of sucking the joys out of pensioners feeding pigeons they should concern their energy elsewhere, such as having specialised, designated areas away from shops and homes and then all animal lovers and bird feeders can go there to feed them.

“The council in Morecambe should listen to our suggestion as this is to help people like Mr Wilkinson.

“The birds have every right to be here just as much as human beings.

“We can’t walk past the poor birds and see them starving, so Mr Wilkinson has got that right. I can understand some people of Morecambe may have been upset in the past. Designated areas we feel will solve this.”

The group of diehard Beatles fans raised funds for the statue of The Fab Four which stands in Liverpool shopping centre Cavern Walks.

They are also campaigning for a sculpture of John Lennon in Liverpool city centre.

Beatles legend Paul McCartney is a passionate animal rights supporter and his music video Glass Walls portrayed a glimpse behind the walls of slaughterhouses and factory farms.

Support has come far and wide for Mr Wilkinson since his appearances in court.

Last year the Visitor ran a campaign to ‘Free the Morecambe Birdman’ after he was jailed for six weeks for breaching his original ASBO.

Prior to his first order in 2012 neighbours complained for years about the noise, nuisance and smell caused by Wilkinson’s habit of feeding pigeons at his home on Cavendish Road in the West End of Morecambe.

Mr Chambers and the society feel designated areas will solve the problem and orders would not have to be considered in the first place.

Mr Wilkinson was unavailable for comment.