Balloon launch to edge of space

A launch of one of the weather balloons in Bristol.
A launch of one of the weather balloons in Bristol.

A weather balloon will be launched from Williamson Park in Lancaster to travel to the edge of space to capture images of the earth.

To celebrate the start of ‘A Decade With Mars’, a 10-year project that involves working with people who applied to colonise Mars, artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent will launch a weather balloon on Sunday, May 24, at 1pm.

The balloon will travel to near space, and if all goes well, a mounted camera will capture some amazing images which will be posted online afterwards.

Following the Mars One timeline, over the next 10 years Ella and Nicki will work with school children, community groups and artists.

They will also be working with people from the Continuing Learning Group at Lancaster University, the Lancaster and Morecambe Astronomical Society and the Barton Road Community Centre.

Throughout their project, they will be working in partnership with LIVE@LICA, and as part of their launch week they will also be giving a free artists talk as part of Open 15 Family and Community Day on Saturday May 23 at 12.30pm.

Through ‘A Decade With Mars’ they will also follow the progress of Mars One and other areas of exciting work including NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover.

For anyone interested in getting involved with Ella and Nicki’s project please email or visit their website

For further details follow @ellaandnicki.