Back where it all started at Forton Services

An OAP will be celebrating her birthday in style at Forton Services where she met her husband in 1967.

Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 11:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 1:13 pm
Jean and Stuart Sinclair on a beach near Cannes in 1999.

Jean Bellamy married Stuart Sinclair only eight days after meeting him at Forton Services where they both worked and the couple, who had two children, were together for 37 years until Stuart sadly died in 2003.

Jean celebrates her 71st birthday on Wednesday and her daughter, also called Jean, wanted her to have amemorable birthday where she met the love of her life.

Daughter Jean Akison said: “If they had not met in eight days and married I wouldn’t be here today. It’s about me and my mum healing and showing my mum how much I love her. “

Lancaster Services at Forton

Jean Bellamy, of Melrose Avenue, Morecambe, said: “In 1967, I was a counter assistant but I wanted to work in the restaurant. Me and Jean’s dad Stuart were on the same shift., he worked in the kitchens. He was 31 and I was 21 when we met.

“We got talking out of the blue and we had our first date on the Saturday night. We went to the Greaves Hotel and I drove my friends absolutely barmy because when they saw Stuart they thought he was a hunk.

“On the Wednesday night he sat me on his knee and said ‘Jean, how about you and me getting married?I said yes.

“We went into theregister office in Dalton Square and got a 48 hour licence. I had a yellow bell shaped dress with a bow tie on. I left Forton when I married Stuart he said ‘I think we are going to leave here and go to Birmingham and that is how my marriage started.We have had some adventures.

Lancaster Services at Forton

“In 2003 the love of my life died. It was a blessing because if he had lived he could have been brain damaged. In Hollywood they get married and a week later they get divorced, I did 37 years, and it was a gamble when I married him but it paid off. “ Daughter Jean Akison said: “Mum has been reminiscing about my dad and Forton Service station so I wanted to put something on for my mother for her birthday. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.”

The celebrations

On Wednesday, May 25, Jean and her daughter will be enjoying a special birthday celebration at Forton Services. Although Jean only worked at Forton Services for a short time, she will be meeting a former work colleague on her special day. Forton Services are providing a meal for herand she will be able to meet staff and managers. Because Jean was earmarked to work in the tower at Forton Services, she will be able to have a special tour of the tower.