Artist lives the dream

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AN ARTIST is ‘living the dream’ in his latest artworks depicting VW campervans and beach scenes.

David French has recently bought an old VW campervan, in which he intends to travel around the country, and paint along the way, capturing the subtle differences in character between the many British seaside resorts.

He said: “I use the VW camper image, in my latest paintings, as a symbol of the ‘living the dream’ theme, but I realise it’s not everyone’s idea of happiness!

“My van is pretty basic, but at least it always manages to start first time, so I’m sure it’ll get me around the country eventually!

“I enjoy painting beach scenes because it reminds me of growing up in Morecambe and the times I spent on the beach at Sandylands during the 60s and 70s...the sun always seemed to be shining then.”

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