Art lovers hit £10k target to keep Cupid in Morecambe

Venus and Cupid statue in Morecambe.
Venus and Cupid statue in Morecambe.
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The future of one of Morecambe’s most iconic pieces of artwork is secure.

Fans of the Venus and Cupid sculpture have reached a target of £10,000 to safeguard its place on the Promenade.

The Venus and Cupid Arts Trust has been raising money for the past three years to keep the ‘mother swinging a child’ public art in Morecambe.

Now they have reached their goal, a public event of celebration will be held.

Morecambe artist Shane Johnstone, who sculpted the piece opposite Morecambe Golf Club, will formally hand it over to the trust.

The money will pay for a licence for it to remain on its current location, for its care and maintenance, insurance and a website.

Sian Johnson, chairman of the Venus and Cupid Arts Trust, said: “We’re all thrilled to bits.

“The money has all come from the public and it’s taken us a long time.

“It’s been hard and the recession hasn’t helped.

“Now we just want to say wow, thanks everybody, isn’t it great?”

Mr Johnstone originally paid for the artwork to be placed on Morecambe Promenade in 2005.

But after a five-year licence expired, the council said they were not in a position to buy the artwork.

Mr Johnstone threatened to pull Venus and Cupid down but was delighted when the trust was formed in 2012 to keep it in Morecambe.

The public event to celebrate raising the money will be held at the artwork site on Saturday, September 19 at 2.30pm.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served. All welcome.