Arrests after youth gangs cause havoc in Morecambe

The West End Gardens in Morecambe.
The West End Gardens in Morecambe.
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Youth gangs have been running amok in the West End of Morecambe.

Damage to the West End Gardens, Breeze Café and Alexandra Park has been blamed on the gangs and there were also reports they were using and dealing drugs, and attacking passers-by.

Sgt Lindsay Brown of Morecambe Area Police told town councillors there has been a big issue in the West End over the last three months.

In a report to Morecambe Town Council police liaison committee, Sgt Brown said PCSOs were initially dealing with the problem but police officers were later called in as the crimes became more serious.

The Community Beat Manager, the main officer on the beat in Westgate, was also temporarily assigned to the West End to help deal with the trouble.

Sgt Brown said the matter had “improved considerably after police intervention”.

He said several members of the gangs had been arrested, one imprisoned, one was on remand and one on bail, all for violent and drug related crimes.

The criminal damage at the Breeze cafe is thought to have happened between 6pm on June 18 and 11am on June 19.

Damage was caused to the windows and window frames, and the windows had been spat on.

The tarmac flooring of the West End Gardens play park was also damaged.

A police spokesman said this is believed to have been caused over a period of time, rather than during one isolated incident.

Police enquiries into both acts of criminal damage are ongoing.