Are you tired and rundown?

COULD you do with a bit of a boost? Over the next few weeks I am going to take a look at ways to boost energy, brain power, immune health and mood.

Hopefully this will have us all heading into winter feeling much better than the weather.

This week I am going to have a look at boosting energy.

There are many reasons why people can be low in energy and it is always good to look at why you are tired to find the best energy boosting product for you.

Therefore today’s article does not contain everything that may help boost energy but does have a few simple remedies which could help quite quickly in the right circumstances.

Firstly, if you are feeling tired and run down because you have been very busy, had a lot to get done or you have recently been unwell, a good nutrient to look at could be Siberian ginseng.

Siberian ginseng is what is known as an adaptogen – it helps the body adapt to and cope with stressful situations.

It also helps boost the immune system.

So it is a great pick me up if, as I say, you have been frazzled or unwell.

Look for a good strong one – I like Lamberts 1500mg Siberian ginseng as you only need to take one a day and we get some pretty good feedback from it.

If you are not sure why you are tired, if you think you are feeling your age, if you have poor circulation or heart problems or if you are on statins, the very best energy boosting nutrient you can try is CO-Q-10 which is an enzyme naturally produced by the body and used by every cell to produce energy. After we have passed 30 the production of this enzyme naturally reduced which can lead to lower energy levels.

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