Archbishop leads Thatcher prayers

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Morecambe was represented at the funeral of Baroness Thatcher by a leading clergyman and our MP.

The Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Kelly, who was born in the town, led the congregation in prayers during the service at St Paul’s Cathedral recently.

Archbishop Kelly, who recently resigned as Archbishop of Liverpool due to ill-health, read on behalf of the country’s Catholic community.

David Morris MP, who also attended the funeral, said: “The service was a deeply moving occasion.

“It was nice to see all the Prime Ministers who have served since Baroness Thatcher together with so many foreign dignitaries and members of the Armed Forces who once again were a credit to our nation. The funeral was a fitting tribute to a truly great leader whose legacy will outlive us all.”

Mr Morris was also one of 100 people to attend a private family service last Tuesday afternoon at the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft underneath Westminster Hall.

The MP was invited after he spoke warmly about Baroness Thatcher during a Commons debate about her legacy.

He said: “Mrs Thatcher was a huge inspiration, not because of her willingness to make difficult decisions but because she made me feel there was hope for the future.”