Annoying pavement cyclists, dirty streets, truth and lies of political leaflets, worst road in Morecambe

Readers' letters, October 30

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 3:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 3:53 pm
The newly resurfaced promenade in Morecambe.

Riders are anti-social

I am responding to Wendy Dickinson’s letter (Stop riding on the pavement), I echo every word she wrote regarding cycling on the pavements. It has got much worse over the years because it was never cracked down on at the beginning.

These pavement riding pests don’t care the annoyance they cause.

Even when the roads are very quiet these anti-social pests insist on riding on the pavements.

Mr D Cavangh, Address supplied

Everywhere is so dirty

Recently some friends of mine visited Morecambe (my favourite place) and were shocked to find the streets so dirty.

I wonder why? Are the street cleaners on strike?

I told them it was never like that years ago. It was such a beautiful place and maybe it could be again.

Perhaps if you have litter wardens patrolling the streets issuing fixed penalty fined like we have, conditions might improve.

Also there is the problem of vehicles parking on pavements, making access and road safety a big problem.

They break the paving stones and make it difficult for children and parents with pushchairs.

I’m sure I am writing on behalf of people of my age in Morecambe. I am 91.

Madge Jenkins (nee Miller), Milehouse Road, Plymouth

Wave wall is not a MBI achievement

I just got a leaflet through the door claiming to rebut ‘fake news’ but it contains at least two outright inaccuracies and distorts the truth. I think people in Heysham North should know the following: The Labour administration in Lancaster City Council are not responsible for filling in potholes, that is Tory Lancashire County Council.

Second, all councils around the UK have ‘virtually spent’ bank accounts. The reason our council is not bankrupt is because it has made use of their legal power to increase council tax every year.

The all new promenade, coastal defences and remodelled Stone Jetty being claimed as a MBI achievement were in fact funded by the EU, the UK government (Labour) and United Utilities; nothing to do with the MBIs but rather part of a plan to improve sea defences and wastewater treatment in parts of the NW and to instigate a process of ‘managed retreat’ from areas considered difficult or not cost effective to maintain.

The Lancaster City Council Accredited Property Scheme is certainly up-and-running and is an attempt to mitigate some of the terrible effects of rogue landlords.

The responsibility for Frontierland lies with private developers.

Under planning regulations the development company has until 2019 to act, there is nothing the council can do until then.

I certainly think there should be less politics in local government as the MBI leaflet suggests, but the content of their leaflet is extremely political and also plainly full of the ‘fake news’ they complain about.

Carolyn Downs, resident of Heysham North, address supplied

No longer worst in Morecambe

In March 2016 you asked your readers whether Thonock Road was the “worst road in Morecambe?” The state of the road was appalling and a very visual reminder to us all of what a mess we get in when Labour run the county council.

I made Thonock Road one of my priorities to get sorted when I was elected in May 2017, and I am pleased to say that it is going to be fully resurfaced in November.

This is a real victory for the people of Morecambe, who feel like they are constantly being overlooked by the county council.

When the Tories took control of County Hall last year we immediately put £6m into the roads budget and have made it our priority ever since. There’s still a lot more to do.

County Coun Charlie Edwards, Morecambe South Division