Anniversary couple’s special date

Diamond wedding couple Douglas and Dorothy Macgregor.
Diamond wedding couple Douglas and Dorothy Macgregor.
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A COUPLE celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary returned to the place they first met for coffee to mark the special day.

Douglas and Dorothy Macgregor, of Winchester Avenue, Morecambe, were joined by family on Thursday, April 5, at the Clarendon Hotel, where they first went on a date more than 60 years ago.

The pair both worked in the entertainment industry and met in 1951 when talented singer and dancer Dorothy, now 83, was working a summer season in the resort on West End Pier.

They were married a year later in Lancaster and honeymooned in Blackpool.

Douglas, 91, worked in theatre when the happy couple met and was later manager of the resort’s famous Plaza and Empire cinemas, until the latter closed in 1985.

The former RAF wireless operator, who served in the Second World War, being in Vienna when the conflict ended, is perhaps best known for his children’s shows at the Empire, where as “Uncle Mac” he entertained about 800 children every Saturday morning.

Douglas and Dorothy, originally from near Ayr and Birmingham respectively, have two daughters, Karen and Deidre, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild, all of whom have stayed in the district and who joined them at the Clarendon.

Douglas, who also spent some time working for Granada, says the secret to a happy marriage is compromise. He said: “You’ve got to give and take. You can’t just be trying to get your own way.”