Anger at news programme about Morecambe

A Channel 5 news report which featured Morecambe as a declining coastal resort has been slammed by business owners and residents alike.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 10:55 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 12:00 pm
Owner of Vintage Vinyls Paula Baker in her shop on Albert Road, Morecambe

Paula Baker, of Vintage Vinyls on Albert Road, who was interviewed for the programme, said: “There has been a meltdown in the shop. People feel it was a betrayal of Morecambe and I’m quite livid about it.

“It was supposed to be about opening up a business in a has been tourist resort and for 40 minutes of filming, only 40 seconds was included.

“We’re all really pretty angry. I think it did Morecambe a big dissatisfaction. It’s quite disheartening. All the new enterprises were not interviewed. They weren’t interested in the positives.

“It was toe curling and cheap television.” Paul Bury, owner of the Lothersdale Hotel and Aspect Bar and Bistro was featured in the news segment.

He said on Facebook: “It was a shame that Channel 5 chose to focus on the negative only, using figures from 2011 & 2015 for the UK and not actual figures from Morecambe.

“I’m sure they spent a considerable amount of time interviewing people, I know from my own experience that for the five seconds of air time they filmed around 30 minutes of interview.

“The same with David Morris, they interviewed him on camera for the best part of 45 minutes yet only showed a handful of seconds worth of responses.

“Both David and I put over the positives of the resort, the fabulous festivals, the energy coast bringing skilled employment to the area as well as inbound corporate visitors, the increase in staycationers, the demand for bedspace at an all time high, the low unemployment.

“We also didn’t turn our backs on the negative elements, giving my own experience of feeding the homeless a Christmas Dinner - all of which was cut and left on the production room floor.”

Vaughan Lewis said on Facebook: “There were one or two more positive parts such as the local hotelier but his point was almost lost in the general tone. “

A 5 News spokesman said: “Our Real Coasts report which featured Morecambe was based on new figures from the Office of National Statistics on coastal towns in the UK, as well as first-hand experiences of local residents.

“This report was fair and balanced featuring both positive voices relaying business successes as well as hearing from those who are struggling.”