Alternative View: Ways to combat thinning hair

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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One question we get asked a lot is whether we have anything to help with falling, brittle or thinning hair.

The answer we tend to offer is that we have a choice of three things – all for slightly different problems.

For those suffering with badly falling hair, which may have resulted in small bald patches or where the scalp itself has become visible, we tend to suggest a supplement called Pil-Food. We have had some great reports on this over the years, with many women and even a few men telling us that it has really helped them.

For those worried about brittle hair, which breaks easily, maybe accompanied with breaking or brittle nails, we suggest the mineral Silecea. Again we have had some great reports from this, with a number of the girls who work in the shop also using it to help their hair and nails grow better.

The final remedy we look at is one I used personally last year when I noticed that my hair was thinning and my hairbrush filling – a supplement called Florisene. Based on research into what causes hair loss in women specifically, Florisene contains good doses of iron, L-Lysine, vitamin C and B12. It was developed after looking at research into the main causes of hair loss in women aged 18-50.

It has been shown that iron loss every month during their period causes many women, whilst not actually becoming anaemic, to end up with low iron stores. Low iron stores are thought to play a role in hair loss in women.

However the people developing Florisene knew that iron was not the whole solution on its own as many women suffering with hair loss had been given iron supplements which had not really helped.

The developers then discovered that there were two additional factors to take into account, the absorbability of the iron and the fact that many women do not eat a lot a red meat. One of the other key factors though is time and patience – it can take up to three months to get your iron store back up to where it should be and to start to see results. I certainly saw an improvement in my hair.

After two months the amount coming out in my shower and my hairbrush had significantly reduced. After six months I stopped taking it as my hair was back to its usual good thickness.