Alternative View: Try joint formula to combat pain

Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
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A few months ago we attended an educational seminar, where we were given information on a new development in natural remedies for pain and arthritis. This is always a very exciting prospect.

The claims being made that evening certainly indicated that the company presenting the information thought so.

The presentation centred on two ingredients, which have been included in a new product launched by Solgar, which is simply called 7. These two ingredients are called Loxin 5 and UC-11.

Loxin 5 is claimed to be a special extract from a herb we have used before for pain and inflammation, called Boswellia.

The specialised extraction method means there are more of the plant’s natural anti-inflammatory agents present and active in one tablet than has ever been possible before.

This meant that the 5 Loxin should be better than products we had used previously.

In one study using 5 Loxin, 30 people were given the supplement and reported significant improvements in pain and function as soon as five days into treatment, with no side effects. For natural remedies this is very quick acting.

The other ingredient, UC-11, is a special collagen product, which is said to help reduce cartilage breakdown and help to promote cartilage rebuilding.

The argument was therefore that using these two ingredients together, alongside well known supportive nutrients like ginger, turmeric and black pepper, made Solgar 7 one of the best joint formulations to hit the market.

So we brought all the information on the Solgar 7 back to the shop and discussed it with a number of customers who had said that if something new came out they would like to try it.

One lady in particular was very keen to be the first guinea pig as she had tried everything there was but she was still struggling. So she took one jar of Solgar 7, which is a one a day tablet.

Tthe lady came back after only two week to report that she had been pain free for five days, for the first time in years, and also to buy another bottle as she was terrified of running out.

This was obviously amazing news, almost unbelievable, so we have been using it for other people as well.The even better news is that a free trial of Solgar 7 is available, for up to 50 people at the Health and Beauty Show at The Platform on Sunday, July 14, 10am to 4pm, which is to raise money for the school my dad built in Uganda.

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