Alternative View: Try a little oil on painful joints

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One of our favourite supplements in the shop is called Celadrin.

We sell a lot of Celadrin and hear some brilliant stories about it from our customers, and I have related many of these stories before in this column.

For those of you who may have missed it – Celadrin is a product that we have used to support many people who are suffering with joint pain and arthritis. The reason for this is that Celadrin is a combination of fatty acids which are said to have both anti inflammatory and joint lubricating activities.

This means for people suffering with stiff joints, crunchy knees and sore hips, it has often been worth a try and many people have reported benefits to us from using it.

The other lovely thing about Celadrin, is that if it is going to help someone, then the benefits will often occur reasonably quickly, with many people claiming that they find relief in the first pot.

Indeed we have one lady who tells us that Celadrin has helped her to walk without sticks and another man who says that he has been able to walk a lot better and a lot further since adding Celadrin to his regime.

We are so used to hearing these sorts of stories that when someone walks in and says to us “that Celadrin is amazing” we usually just agree and prepare ourselves to hear reports we have heard before.

But last week, we were blown away by the claims of the man who walked in and said – “that celadrin is amazing”, because not only was he claiming it had helped him within days, he was telling us it had helped him with a problem it had never occurred to us to try it for.

Apparently this man had for years suffered with terrible varicose veins. He had lumps on his legs and they were often uncomfortable and painful.

As he had a long flight to Canada coming up, he had decided to try some Celadrin to see if the anti inflammatory benefits would just make his legs a little more comfortable for the long flight.

He told us that he started taking the Celadrin a couple of weeks before he was due to fly and was really pleased to note that, in a short time, he thought that his legs were less lumpy and significantly less painful.

He said that his flight to Canada passed uneventfully and painlessly as his legs were so much more comfortable.

We couldn’t believe it. What a brilliant result and something well worth other people trying if they were in the same situation.

However, this man had not finished his tale there.

He went on to say that in his opinion the lumps in his legs caused by the varicose veins were now gone, as were many of the signs and symptoms of his varicose veins.

His legs were no longer tired and heavy and he no longer suffered any pain in them.

He credited the Celadrin with clearing up the worst signs and symptoms of his varicose veins basically.

Now as I said this is not an area we would previously have considered suggesting Celadrin for.

But on reflection, if it is anti inflammatory and lubricating, there is no reason why these benefits should be restricted to people who suffer with painful joints.

It could well be worth a try for people with painful, swollen varicose veins as well – it’s always great to learn something new.

However, just a quick word of warning – Celadrin is absolutely fine for most people to use and it does not seem to upset the stomach, like many of the main stream, anti inflammatory preparations.

However, due to its lubricating action, we feel it should be avoided by those who are on Warfarin.

I would also say that if you do want to try Celadrin, make sure you are buying an oil filled capsule.

There are some cheaper versions available, which contain a powder.

We do stock both types – and we have found that the powder filled capsule brings back nowhere near as many happy customers as the oil filled one.