Alternative View: Thyroid and liver affect weight loss

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As promised, this week we are going to have a further look at ways to support and help weight loss.

Two weeks ago I looked at the importance of considering the type of calories you eat and how sugar, rather than fat, is the real enemy of anyone who is trying to lose weight. I also mentioned products like Metabolic Balance, which can help to balance the blood sugar levels, reduce sugar cravings and control the appetite. This week I am going to look at two further areas which can affect weight loss efforts – your thyroid and liver.

Common symptoms of low thyroid function include: feeling the cold, problems losing weight, dry skin, headaches, low energy, coarse hair, falling hair, ridges in the nails, hormonal problems, recurrent infections and muscle and joint pain.

You do not have to suffer from all these symptoms for the thyroid problems to be at the root of your weight loss issues, but the more of them you have the more likely it is that this metabolic organ has a role to play.

For those looking for a way to support their thyroid function, if you do not take thyroid medication then the best thing to try is Higher Nature’s Thyroid Support Formula. It contains all of the nutrients that have been reported as helpful in supporting normal thyroid function and we have had a number of people report excellent results, including weight loss and increased energy.

Many people have trouble losing weight and suspect that their thyroid may be underactive, but when they have it tested it comes back as normal.

However, the range of normal is quite vast and we have found that people whose results are at the bottom end of that range often exhibit a number of symptoms associated with low thyroid, including problems losing weight, and find benefits from taking a thyroid support formula.

For those who use thyroid medication, but still suffer with a number of the symptoms of low thyroid, it could be worth taking a Selenium-ACE and Zinc Supplement.

This is because these are the nutrients which the body needs to convert the thyroid medication into your active thyroid hormones.

Again we have used this approach for a number of people now and one lady told us that it had given her her life back as her energy had returned and her weight had dropped after a couple of months on the selenium.

However, always remember that your thyroid is not the only thing which has a role to play in your metabolism. Many people overlook their liver and it is one of your main metabolic organs.

Common symptoms of a sluggish liver include: low energy, low thyroid, weight gain, piles, water retention, PMS, IBS symptoms, headaches, bloating, sluggish metabolism, low mood, heartburn and nausea.

Your liver is also one of the hardest working organs in your body. Its primary function is to filter the blood that comes from your digestive tract, metabolising nutrients, drugs and alcohol. It has to deal with sugars, deciding whether to store it as fat or burn it as energy, and metabolise vitamins and minerals. It also creates bile so that fat can be broken down efficiently.

Stress, a high sugar diet, alcohol, processed foods and over eating can all tax your liver, so it is not uncommon for us to suggest that someone could benefit from giving their liver a bit of a boost.

To support your liver in your diet avoid eating large meals, eat little and often to support your metabolism. Avoid eating for three hours before bedtime to allow the liver adequate time overnight to perform its many functions.

Limit fructose, corn syrup and glucose as well as high fat foods and include onions, garlic, broccoli, kale, greens, cabbage and cauliflower in your diet. Limiting tea and coffee as well as alcohol is also helpful and drinking water and lemon juice also gives your liver a bit of a kick.

Alongside these measures using supplements like choline and inositol, a combination of nutrients aimed at boosting fat metabolism, and milk thistle, a herb which has been shown to help support a healthy liver function, can give you and your diet a real boost.