Alternative View: Remedies to fight off mood swings

Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
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We were in town the other day, when my husband potentially took his life in his hands and asked if I may be a little pre-menstrual.

Luckily for him, he suggested it quite gently and I was able to reflect on how I felt and admit that it was a possible explanation about why everything seemed stressful to me that day.

This is actually unusual for me, I very rarely know when it’s that time of the month, but for many women I know, they can feel quite angry and aggressive each month, which can be upsetting for them and their partners.

In fact we have seen women who tell us that they can feel horrible for up to two weeks of every month – that’s half their lives feeling awful.

These women tend to know that their mood is affected, that they are being aggressive towards those they love. But due to their hormonal imbalance they actually cannot prevent the horrible things coming out of their mouth.

This in turn makes them feel awful about themselves as they know they are upsetting their loved ones and feel they can’t stop themselves.

There are a couple of natural remedies that we have suggested women try to help reduce these symptoms – one of our favourites is called Femeze.

Femeze is a nutritional combination designed to support women all month long.

It contains B vitamins, magnesium, chromium, Siberian ginseng, dandelion, avena sativa and chamomile. B vitamins help to support the nervous system and energy production.

Magnesium is helpful for anxiety and cramping. Chromium helps to support balanced blood sugar levels, helping to reduce cravings for chocolate and/or crisps.

Siberian ginseng is often used to support stamina. Dandelion, traditionally called ‘wet the bed’, is often used as a natural diuretic while chamomile and avena sativa can be naturally calming and soothing.

One girl who came in was using the pill, which she was given by the doctor to help her PMS and her skin. Whilst it had helped a bit and her skin was better, she was still feeling really ratty for 10 days a month.

She was also struggling to control her appetite around her period time as well.

She said that she just could not get full and would quite happily have eaten the full contents of her fridge and still mugged someone for a chocolate bar.

This showed us that she was getting blood sugar lows at that time – a reasonably common thing before periods. Low blood sugars can make you crave sweet foods, they can also make low mood and anxiety seem a lot worse, so we thought that the combination of calming ingredients with the chromium in Femeze made that the appropriate thing for her to try.

It is also completely safe to use with the pill, which was important as she was wanting to stay on the pill for contraceptive reasons. We suggested that she try it for a month and asked us to let us know what she thought.

Another woman came in wanting something quite desperately as her mood swings were so bad that they were starting to affect her relationship.

Although her partner was very understanding, he was struggling with the fact that for at least a week every month she was shouting at him for everything.

She was also feeling really tired and washed out, which was also affecting how she felt about herself.

We thought that the combination of B vitamins and Siberian ginseng in Femeze should support her energy levels, whilst the calming ingredients should help to reduce the mood swings. Again we suggested that she try the Femeze for a month and let us know.

The good news is that both ladies found that it relieved a number of their symptoms in that first month, which was great news.

They both still use the product and really love it now as they say it has given them their lives back, rather than feeling awful half the time.

The second lady is much happier and her relationship is properly back on track – in fact is is her partner that often comes in to buy the Femeze as he doesn’t want his wife to stop using it.