Alternative View: Remedies as flu and colds bite

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Last week I started writing a series on weight loss, promising this week to continue looking at ways to boost metabolism and weight loss.

However, over the past week we have seen so many people who have been poorly with either the nasty flu/chest infection which is flying around, or the sickness and diarrhoea bug which ruined Christmas for many and is continuing to linger.

Therefore this week’s article will instead contain hints and tips for regaining health and staying healthy.

*Upset stomach – the virus which has been flying around has led to sickness and/or diarrhoea for many people.

If you are suffering with this then the best things to get hold of are some pro biotics – good bacteria – which have been shown to help improve tummy upsets.

This does not mean those sugar-filled pro biotic drinks or yogurts, but a good capsule, with at least four billion good bacteria in each capsule, and take four to six a day.

I usually use the Lifeplan Multidophilus and have had great feedback on it.

Combine the pro biotic with some Echinacea and Goldenseal. Goldenseal is a marvellous natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent, as well as being astringent to the bowel and so helping to slow down diarrhoea and calm an upset stomach.

We have used this remedy for years and have a great amount of faith in it for these type of problems.

My husband used this combination when his stomach was upset just before Christmas and it did stop things in their tracks.

If you are feeling really sick then get some ginger cordial or crystallised ginger, which can really help to settle the stomach and prevent sickness.

*Flu/chest infection – this infection seems to be sending people to their beds with a nasty cold and cough, followed by a horrible racking cough and chest infection which makes breathing difficult.

One of the best things we have found for the cough and chests is Vogel’s Bronchoforce for Chesty Coughs.

This contains a mixture of herbs, including ivy, which is anti-spasmodic, stopping the cough going on and on, plus thyme and liquorice which help to break up and expel mucus, clearing the chest of the tightness which affects the breathing.

I personally like to use this along with something to attack the flu like virus which has caused the illness.

In adults my choice would be something like Allicin Max, a special high strength garlic, which has been shown to kill the flu virus and helps to clear catarrh. Allicin Max is different to a standard garlic tablet as it contains vast amounts more of the stabilised active ingredient, making it much more powerful than the normal garlic products.

I have tried the Allicin Max a couple of times now when I have felt that something was starting, taking plenty of them for a couple of days and they have really helped. Similarly my husband took some when he got a bout of tonsillitis and they seemed to help clear it within a couple of days.

For children, in my opinion, there is little better than elder, a natural anti- viral, which is sweet and delicious, so children never mind taking it and if my daughter is anything to go by, it really seems to help.

n Staying health – for those worried about being surrounded by all these ill people and hoping that they remain unaffected then the best thing to invest in is some Nature’s Aid Immune Support Plus.

This is one of my favourite products as it combines a number of things which support immune health, including beta glucans, vitamin C and D, zinc and selenium, alongside natural anti bacterial garlic and anti-viral elder, all in an easy to take one-a-day tablet.

This is a product that we all take every day as we are exposed to so many poorly people and we all absolutely swear by it – as do many of our regular customers.

This is one of the best ways of keeping bugs at bay.

Next week, when everyone is feeling better again – back to weight loss.