Alternative View: Quick fixes for festive blues

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I cannot believe how quickly the year has passed.

I think it seems particularly bad this year because of the lack of summer.

This means that a lot of people did not get that lovely lift in mood that can come from being exposed to the sun and getting a good dose of vitamin D.

This is important, because as nice as it can be, the Christmas period can also be a very stressful, or for many people an emotional one.

Therefore it is quite common for people during or after this period to feel a little frazzled, stressed or low.

So this week I thought I would take a look at few quick fix measure that people could take if they are feeling that way.

Firstly, because I have already referred to it at the beginning of the article, topping up vitamin D levels, if you are feeling low, or prone to feeling low in the winter, is never a bad idea.

They have found that low mood in the winter can be linked to low levels of vitamin D and I do not think that anyone who has had to endure this most recent summer is going to have particularly good levels of this mood enhancing vitamin.

It has been found that taking a good dose – something like the solgar vitamin D 2,200iu – could help to lift a low mood in as little as five days.

For an added boost, if you are feeling quite tearful and low, try also try some 5HTP.

5HTP is simply the part of protein that your brain uses to make serotonin – which is one of your happy chemicals.

Boosting 5HTP levels can therefore give mood a real lift when needed.

My husband is prone to low moods in the winter, so I always have a pot on hand and after about a week he is usually liveable with again.

The other common problem at this time of year, as people feel the pressure to get everything done or to get everything right, is stress and anxiety.

One of the best things we have ever found to support people feeling this way is Higher Nature’s Balance for Nerves.

This fantastic little complex contains nutrients like B vitamins to support the nervous system, herbs like lemon balm and passiflora, which have a reputation for being calming and relaxing, plus the amino acid theanine, which helps to calm down an over active brain.

One of my favourite quotes about this product was from a lady who had come in on a Thursday afternoon one week. She was feeling really pressured and anxious, trying to juggle her work, home and family commitments.

We suggested that she try the Balance for Nerves, which she did.

She came back in the following Monday to thank us, saying that she felt that the Balance for Nerves had really helped and after the weekend she had just had, she felt it could have just saved her husband’s life as well.

Finally for those who are feeling frazzled and run down after a year of running about, stress and pressure, like the two sisters who came to see me a few weeks ago, then try some Vibrance Botanicals Recharge, to pick you up and give you the energy to get through it.

Recharge is an energy support formula for people who are feeling run down and tired due to long term or ongoing stress. It contains nutrients and botanicals like liquorice, Siberian ginseng and Vitamin B5 which are all said to help support stamina and energy production.

The two sisters I mentioned came in because they had been through a bit of a tough time and as a result were feeling really exhausted. This happens because stress stimulates the adrenal gland to produce adrenaline, which at first helps you get through. The trouble is that long term, the adrenal gland becomes exhausted, you don’t cope as well as you should and your energy levels plummet.

We explained this and suggested the Recharge, they took one to share. They came back a week later for one each. They were feeling loads better, which is brilliant.