Alternative View: My two choices for best of year

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

I really can’t believe that it’s nearly Christmas.

This week I have been trying to figure out which, in my opinion, is the best new product of the year, and I simply cannot decide, so this year we have a draw between Omega 7 and Solgar 7.

Omega 7 first came to my notice early on this year, when I noticed that my mum had an almost constantly streaming eye. She told me it had got so bad that she could not longer wear make up and she always had a tissue on hand.

I discovered that she had a condition known as dry eye – which is where the normal oily lubrication the eye needs has dried up, so the eye start to produce extra tears to keep itself moisturised.

I suggested she try a new product, the Omega 7, and she agreed to give it a go, but without much optimism.

However, two weeks later she was feeling much more positive and a month after that she was completely back to normal – no more runny eyes, mascara back on, tissues put away.

I wrote about that in this column and we had an amazing response from it, and even more brilliant stories about it helping dry eyes; which is why this is definitely one of our very favourite new products.

Our other winner Solgar 7 has actually only been around for the last three months, but in that time it has proven incredibly popular.

This is because it is a one-a-day supplement which claims to ease joint pain and inflammation and the feedback from our customers has been amazing.

We have bad so many great stories about people who claim that Solgar 7 has helped their pain, including one lady who came in and literally danced around the shop.

But one of the best came in this week – a lady who was suffering with a displaced disc and trapped nerves in both shoulders.

She had not even been able to wash her own hair for nine months because of the pain.

She decided to try the Solgar 7 and when she returned to report back this week she was delighted as her pain had significantly reduced, and she had been able to wash her own hair.

These great stories make my job so fulfilling and are why I could not choose just one product as the best.