Alternative View: It’s time to get the blood flowing

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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What a wonderful summer we have been treated to.

The bright, sunny weather lasting for a few months has certainly helped build into many people a feeling of vitality and happiness.

Now I am sorry to be the doom sayer, but the weather appears to be turning and autumn could be upon us, so now is the time to start planning for the winter.

This is the time to start considering your immune system, your skin and your circulation, to try and make sure that you don’t lose the vitality you have built up.

Those who suffer with bad circulation need to start thinking about what they can do to keep the blood flowing into their hands and feet as the temperatures drop.

I was out to dinner the other day and conversation turned to the weather, as it tends to do in this country, and I was surprised by the number of people sat with us who said they suffered with poor circulation in their hands.

At least half of the people around the table claimed to suffer from Raynauds or ‘empty white fingers’ when it gets cold. I am one of those sufferers myself, having been diagnosed with Raynauds when I was a teenager.

Raynauds is a condition where the blood vessels are very sensitive to the dropping temperatures.

Any exposure to colder weather in a person with Raynauds will result in their body closing off much of the circulation to their hands and feet and keeping the blood in the centre of the body.

The best things I have found to help with this are the herb Ginkgo Biloba and ginger.

Ginger can be taken in teas, drinks and tablets and works by warming your core. It used to be recommended by the Raynauds Society and I will often use it if the winter is particularly cold.

The result of this is an improvement in the amount of blood circulating in the hands and feet and a, for me, big reduction in the amount of symptoms and problems I have with my circulation.

This action was actually demonstrated to us a few years ago by a herbal company called Vogel.

Either go for the Vogel liquid extract, one of the best ginkgo products in my opinion, or a standardised extract containing 120mg of concentrated extract, providing the equivalent to 6,000mg of ginkgo.

This is important, because standardised herbal remedies are of much better and more consistent quality.