Alternative View: Help tackle back to school bugs

Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
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I know by the amount of money draining out of my bank account on school uniform and new shoes, that the time is nigh for the children and teachers to go back to school.

This means that it is also time for the bugs which cause colds and flu, and tummy bugs, to start flying around as they always do.

So this week I thought I should cover the best ways to support and strengthen health for teachers and children, to try and keep them well.

Firstly teachers – one of the best things to get hold of is Nature’s Aid Immune Support.

This is a mixture of all the immune supporting nutrients like zinc, vitamin C and selenium, to help support and strengthen the immune system alongside Beta Glucans, which are said to support and strengthen the immune system plus anti viral elder and anti bacterial garlic.

Secondly children – if they are not great eaters we love Feroglobin, a natural daily tonic with iron, B vitamins and zinc which will help to keep poor eaters topped up with important nutrients.

This in turn should help to naturally support their body’s defences and keep them healthy. Feroglobin is easy to take and is a lovely orange flavour that children do not mind taking as a general rule.

For those that are good eaters, you don’t necessarily want them to take something every day, but I always have a bottle of Lambert’s Immuno Strength in the cupboard ready for any signs of sniffles.

As well as the immune system the return to school can cause stress and anxiety, again for students and teachers alike.

One supplement we find useful, in both cases, is Higher Nature’s Balance for Nerves which contains theanine, an amino acid found in green tea.

This is the supplement we tend to suggest for people who are worried about an upcoming event, or those who feel anxious about work pressures.

Finally, the other thing which can make the return to school stressful – nits.

Every year mums around the country finally get on top of headlice through the summer holidays, only to discover their return when the schools go back.

If this has happened to you a great natural treatment for headlice I find is Picksan Lice Stop, which is a simple to apply treatment.

If there are no lice, but you fear their return, look to Picksans No Lice – a daily preventative spray. I use this every morning before school and they say that the ingredients will prevent lice from going on to the hair for up to seven hours.