Alternative View: Get your energy kick for winter

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Who among us could honestly say that they have enough energy?

Certainly one of the most common things that people come to see us for is something to give them a boost. However, there is not just one simple answer to this.

Low energy can be caused by a number of different things – dietary deficiencies, low iron levels (especially in women), taking certain medications, poor sleep and stress, to name a few.

So one of the things we always have to get to the bottom of first is why they are tired, then we can make a recommendation.

For those with a poor diet – you would be amazed at how many people will admit to eating badly, often due to time constraints – and who will often benefit from a good multi vitamin.

I am not talking here about a one-a-day RDA multi vitamin, I am talking about something which will give people a real boost.

The product we often suggest here is Lambert’s Multi Guard, a great multi vitamin, with an excellent B vitamin complex, which supports good energy production.

One of these a day will give good levels of all the nutrients which could be missing from the diet as well as important minerals like chromium and selenium.

It is worth remembering when looking for a multi vitamin, that the RDA levels were set just after the war, as the minimum level required to stop people getting ill. Therefore, if you want to take something to give you a lift, you could benefit from taking something which will provide more than this.

For kids who are poor eaters, who are maybe struggling with the demands of school, a great thing to try is Feroglobin – a great tasting orange liquid, with iron, B vitamins and zinc. We often refer to this as fairy-goblins because it works like magic.

Iron is always an important consideration for any woman who has regular periods, this becomes even more important if the woman does not eat much red meat and again if she exercises regularly. All of these things make you more prone to developing anaemia. Taking a good iron supplement can be very helpful with this.

I always use Solgar Hematinic Factors, which contains iron which is easily absorbed, so it does not upset the tummy.

Some people who are struggling with low energy may also be using a very common cholesterol reducing medication, collectively known as statins. A lot of research has indicated that statins can reduce the amount of something called Co-Q-10 in your body.

As CO-Q-10 is used by every single cell in the body in the production of energy, it is thought that this reduction, could result in the low energy levels that are often reported by those on statins.

Taking a supplement of CO-Q-10 can therefore be very beneficial to people on these medications to try and help improve their energy levels.

Those who do not sleep well will not have much energy. What we don’t do in these circumstances is give the person something to boost energy levels in the day. We try and fight the cause, not the symptoms – so what we do will be to try and improve their sleeping patterns, which in turn will mean that they recover properly over night and feel better and more energetic in the day.

My favourite products for this are Vogels Dormeasan, a combination of Valerian and Hops, to calm and gently sedate, or theanine to help slow down an overactive mind.

Finally, for those who are tired due to long term or ongoing stresses, the day-to-day stress of living you might say, the best product to try in my opinion is called Recharge.

An energy support formula, which contains nutrients like B5, Chromium, Magnesium, Tyrosine and Siberian Ginseng, which will help to support mood, motivation, energy and stamina.

We have had a lot of great reports on this. I am using it myself at the moment as working full time and running around after a nine-year-old daughter can be pretty exhausting at times if I am honest and I have found that its does exactly as it says on the tin.