Alternative View: Flu can even catch out the prepared

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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As I write this, I am sorry to say, that I have succumbed to what I believe is the flu! I have been forced to take a day off work because I have lost my voice!

Now I know that many of my customers will be wondering how I let this happen!

Surely with a shop full of goodies at my disposal I could have prevented this.

Well here are my excuses - firstly I cannot remember the last time I had to take a day off because I was ill.

Secondly, we have seen a lot of people over the last few weeks with colds, flu, sinus infections and nasty coughs and, although I do my best, - as do the products I use a suggest - we unfortunately cannot avoid EVERY infection!

Finally - it started whilst I was away and I couldn’t get hold of the right products quickly enough to hit it as it started.

So here I am.

Obviously I do not intend to let this continue for long, so - what can I - and all in this sort of state do, to return ourselves to humanity?

Obviously I need to give my immune system a lift, to help it fight this infection off as efficiently as possible.

I do take an immune support tablet every day and this generally keeps me very well indeed, but to this I am also adding some Vogel Echinaforce.

This is because Echinaforce has been shown to be particularly effective when there is an infection present.

Secondly, to clear my sinuses, which when blocked can cause my head and eyes to ache.

For some immediate relief I am using Vogels Sinuforce, which within minutes of spraying clears my head for an hour or so, which is excellent!

But this is only temporary symptom relief - the product I am really relying on here, to clear my sinuses and soothe my throat and thus return my voice is Pukka Herbs Elder Complex.

This fantastic product combines natural anti viral elder with horse radish to clear the sinuses and manuka honey to sooth the throat and kill bacteria.

The lovely thing about the Elder is that it is suitable for all ages, so I am dosing my daughter up as well to keep her well - and it tastes great!

I expect to be back to full fitness within a day or so with all this lot!

Update. - I was back at work 2 days later!