Alternative View: Favourite returns for toilet anxieties

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This week my column is celebrating the return of a product we thought had been lost to us.

Discontinued in April this year, we and many of our customers complained bitterly about the loss of this product – but now it’s back. What is it? Vogel’s Tormentil Complex.

I know with that answer many people will be none the wiser, so let me enlighten you – because for some people this product can be life changing.

Tormentil Complex, we have always said, is one of the best things for people with tormented bowels to try. Over the years we have had many people who were struggling with constant diarrhoea tell us that Tormentil Complex has changed their lives; that it had enabled them to go out without worrying about where the toilets were. That it had enabled them to go on trips out with their friends that they had previously felt compelled to avoid.

One lady who used it for years told us that before using Tormentil Complex she couldn’t leave her house in the mornings, because she was basically stuck in the bathroom. She could only go out in the afternoon, if she had not eaten at lunchtime. Even then, she would only go to places she knew well and could easily access a toilet if necessary.

She started to use the Tormentil Complex after hearing someone else saying how good it was and within weeks had noticed a benefit. She told us that it had really settled her tummy down and that she was no longer tied to the toilet for hours each morning. The loss of the product was really hard on this lady as you can imagine and, although we have done our best to help her - with reasonable success - she swears that nothing works quite as well as the Tormentil.

Luckily she still calls in regularly and, as you can imagine, she was delighted when we showed her that her favourite product had returned. She immediately stocked herself up with a few bottles – I think she was worried it may disappear again.

As anyone who has struggled with diarrhoea would understand, when you find something that helps you, you don’t want to be without it.

Which is why for the sake of this lady and many people like her, we celebrate the return of Tormentil.