Alternative View: Countdown to festive health

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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This week we finish our top 10 countdown from 5-1. So without further ado ...

5 Q10. It’s hard really to be brief about Q10 as it’s so important.

In a nutshell, it is used by your body to make energy and can support heart health. It is depleted by taking statins (medications prescribed for high cholesterol) which is why those drugs can make you tired, so supplementing it if you use statins can help to reduce the side effects that many people complain of.

We have seen many people benefit in terms of energy and quality of life from including Q10 in their daily regime.

4 As I said last week we do see a lot of stressed people these days. Anxiety and worry are more common these days. This is why Higher Nature’s Balance for Nerves is one of our best sellers. Combining supportive B vitamins and magnesium with soothing lemon balm and brain calming theanine, this product has helped a lot of people around Morecambe! It seems to help quite quickly as well, with many people reporting that they have felt benefits from using it within a few days.

3 We see a lot of people suffering with IBS, bloating and bowel issues. One thing which is always at the top of our list of suggestions for people with these problems is probiotics. There are many types and strengths of probiotics available, but one of my favourites is Solarays Mightidophillus12. Mightidophillus12 contains 10 billion good bacteria per capsule and has 12 different ‘good bacteria’ included. This means that it can make a real difference to the levels of good bacteria – which we have found helpful in reducing bloating, wind and the symptoms of IBS.

2 A perennial favourite here – Solaray’s Cholesterol Maintenance – a natural way to reduce cholesterol levels, for those who are unwilling or unable to use medications. We have had so much positive feedback on this and it is always one of our best sellers.

1 The product we seem to reach for most often – Magnesium Citrate. Hugely overlooked, magnesium helps to support a healthy nervous system and good muscle function. Low levels of magnesium could be linked to cramps, twitches headaches, constipation and restless legs. It is also depleted by tea, coffee, cola, stress and sugar – so many of us could benefit from it.

Which is why it’s our number one.