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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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During the month of February we have been focussing on heart health and as part of that focus we have started the blood pressure challenge, taking people’s blood pressure and seeing if natural remedies can help to reduce it.

I mentioned a few weeks ago natural ways to reduce blood pressure. One of the things that has become very clear to us over the last few weeks on looking at people’s blood pressure is the huge effect of stress and anxiety on readings.

We all know about white coat syndrome, where the blood pressure goes up due to anxiety about the doctors. Even here at the shop we have seen people’s readings shoot up after becoming worried about their blood pressure results.

So this week I thought I would cover the natural remedies which can be helpful for anxiety, both in the short term to potentially help with white coat syndrome, and long term for those who worry a lot.

For those whose blood pressure only zooms up at the thought of having it taken or going to the doctors a good product to try is theanine.

This is sourced from green tea and is said to help improve production of alpha brain waves – which are the calming, chilled out, meditative brain waves.

One lady I knew used to get incredibly anxious before having her blood pressure checked, even when it was me doing it. We found though that if she took a theanine capsule half an hour previously and kept her eyes closed and focussed on her breathing whilst the reading was done, her blood pressure was significantly better, normal even. Whereas without these measures it always came back as high.

For those who are the worrying type, it is possible that anxiety is having an impact on blood pressure, so if your readings are high – and we can check that for you – then taking something to reduce anxiety and worry on a daily basis could be really helpful.

In this situation we tend to suggest a product called Balance for Nerves, a constant favourite of mine because I have had such great reports from people who have used it. It combines theanine to calm the brain, with B vitamins to support the nervous system and energy, plus passiflora and lemon balm, two herbs which are often used to help with stress and anxiety.

Balance for Nerves seems to offer the full package for people who struggle with stress and anxiety. Many people who have used it have told us that they have felt the benefit of using this product after the first week of taking it.