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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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One thing that really upsets me, especially during the month of January, is the amount of ‘quick fix’, extreme and fad diet regimes that are promoted.

Extreme exercise regimes and/or hugely restrictive diets may yield quick results. However, they are never sustainable and often the weight piles back on again.

The other problem is that all of these regimes promote the idea that weight loss is a simple matter of reducing calories in and increasing exercise. This is not always the case.

As I said last week, through our weight loss clinic we have discovered many different metabolic and emotional issues, which affect our clients’ ability to lose weight. If these are not taken into account people will always struggle.

In my opinion, understanding your possible metabolic issues and dealing with stress, anxiety and emotions will have a much greater effect long term on your ability and motivation to lose weight and keep it off.

For example, we have discovered that there are many people struggling with a mildly under-active thyroid, which is responsible for poor weight loss, low motivation and low energy.

If you suffer with a number of the following symptoms, this could be one of your issues as well – sensitive to cold, low mood, weight gain, dry skin, low energy, menstrual problems, muscle and joint pain, forgetfulness, falling hair and anxiety.

If this does sound like you then it is possible that until this is dealt with, energy, motivation, mood and therefore weight loss are always going to be a struggle for you. So what is the solution? If you do NOT take thyroid medication try Higher Nature Thyroid Support formula. This contains all the nutrient known to support better thyroid function.

If you do take thyroid medication your body may not be using it efficiently.

We have discovered that the body has to convert the thyroid medication into its active form and that the mineral selenium is needed for this.

Therefore we often suggest that people who do take thyroid medication try Natures Aid Selenium for a couple of months and again we have been impressed with the feedback received.

If you are unsure what metabolic issues you may have, we are happy to offer Visitor readers a free metabolic analysis, so call in and collect the questionnaire.

This should help you understand how to take more control not just of your weight loss, but also of you energy, mood and motivation as well.