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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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The festive season and end of year is well and truly upon us now, which means that it is also time for my top ten products of the year.

This week I will be looking at 10-6.

10. A constant favourite product - Magnesium Citrate. Many people display signs of low magnesium, such as cramps, restless legs, headaches and constipation, so we often suggest that this product would be worth a try. One of the reasons we love it so much is because many of those people we suggest it to report benefits from using it daily and the repeat sales we have on it are brilliant.

9. Immune Support plus - a shop favourite and one we all use, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Providing nutrients which support and strengthen the immune system, helping recovery from and prevention of the colds and flu which are rife at this time of year. We have any number of teachers and nurses who use this every year and we swear it helps prevent us catching all your coughs and colds.

8. A product we wrote about a few weeks ago - Lamberts Glucosamine Complete. We love this because it combines Glucosamine with MSM and Chondroitin plus anti inflammatory herbs Rosehip and Ginger. The feedback we receive from people on this product is much better than that we hear from those on a normal Glucosamine supplement. We believe that this is because of the addition of the Rosehip and Ginger, which both have an excellent reputation for reducing pain and inflammation.

7. A brilliant product called FOS. FOS is something we sell to people of all ages - adults and children to help ease constipation. It works both as a bowel toner and a fibres source. This means that as well as softening the motions it is also improving the muscle contractions that move the bowel contents around. This double action has made FOS one of our best selling bowel support products this year. The other thing that helps is that FOS also tastes great - it’s got a lovely sweet flavour and can be taken directly off the spoon or mixed into foods or drinks - so it’s nice to take and effective.

6. The final product in this weeks countdown is called Recharge. This is because we have seen a lot of people this year who were exhausted and run down due to stress. Recharge is designed to help support and strengthen the body during those times, reducing fatigue and improving stamina. We have had some great feedback on this product during the past year, including one lady who said that before using it she had felt tired all the time, because her life was so busy. Afterwards she noticed a real lift in mood and motivation as well as stamina – so well worth a try is you feel that way.