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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Over the last few weeks I have been looking at the top 10 products for 2014. The products that made that list were all natural remedies, designed to be taken internally.

This week I want to have a look at my top four topical products of the year.

4 I am a very clumsy cook. I often forget that lids that have been in the oven will be scalding hot. It is also an extremely common event for me to pour hot food on myself when taking it out of the oven or dishing up. Which is why one of my favourite topical products is lavender oil. Pure, simple lavender oil can be applied directly on to burned skin. It will take a lot of the heat out and will often prevent blistering. I absolutely swear by it and we have two bottles in our house at all times.

3 A relatively new product at number three called Dermaspray. This lovely product has been formulated here in the UK and is helpful for those suffering with eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin conditions. It comes in a spray bottle, which is great for those whose skin is very irritated and also for those whose issues are quite wide spread. It contains soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients and we have had some tremendous feedback on it. One boy reported it took all the heat and irritation out of his eczema almost straight away. It comes in both adult and junior formulations and is now the product that we reach for whenever someone comes in with an angry skin complaint.

2 As natural remedies for arthritis featured highly in our original top 10, it can hardly be surprising that a topical remedy for joint pain and stiffness appears here too. My favourite topical remedy for joints is Vogel Atrogel. This is probably because I have seen some great reactions with it. My favourite was when I passed a tube around at a talk I was giving and the gentleman who had used it first piped up 10 minutes later to say that the hand he had rubbed it on was much less painful. Needless to say nearly everyone at that talk bought themselves a tube of Atrogel and I have to say, most of them still use it.

1 My top rated topical remedy for this year though is one which has been formulated in our shop. Now I know I may seem biased here, but the anti fungal ointment which was developed by our trainee herbalist Nicola has had some fantastic feedback this year. It has cleared up countless fungal nail infections, one man’s fungal leg infection and another lady’s fungal ear infection. It combines coconut oil with neem, tea tree and lemon myrtle and is definitely better than anything we have sold before. It is also gentle on the skin, despite being powerful in its action. So if you are struggling with a stubborn fungal infection our anti fungal ointment could be worth a try.