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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Last week we started looking at my top ten products of the year.

This week it’s the top five - this is based on feedback and positive stories, not just sales.

5. A favourite product of mine for many years, because every year I hear another story of someone gaining great results from it - Cholesterol Maintenance. Cholesterol Maintenance is a great product for anyone who is looking for a natural way to achieve a healthy cholesterol level. One lady who used it this year told us that using Cholesterol Maintenance with some dietary changes over three months had reduced her cholesterol from 8.5 to 5.1, which was brilliant.

4. This one actually encompasses a few different products all of which contain good bacteria. Good bacteria can be helpful for those suffering with wind, bloating, irritable bowel and thrush so we sell lots of them and have some great feedback. I have two favourite good bacteria products. Higher Natures ProBio Daily - a robust formula which I have used myself to ease irritable bowel symptoms. Also Natures Aid Pro30 Max – a high strength one a day good bacteria supplement which can be great for thrush type infections.

3. With so many people struggling with arthritis and joint pain, it’s unsurprising that joint products feature highly in our top ten, one of our best selling products for this is Solgar Celedrin. This is because celedrin has both a lubricating and anti inflammatory action in the body. The feedback on Solgar Celedrin is consistently good, with people swearing that it has reduced hip pain and stopped their knees cracking and crunching.

2. Natures Aid Omega 7. Omega 7 has only really been around for a year or so, but this year it has really taken off.

Why? Because it has helped people who are struggling with problems like dry eyes, dry mouth and even intimate dryness. We have had a lot of people coming to buy this because their friends have told them to! It is amazing how many people actually do suffer with these problems - and how many people tell us that the Omega 7 really makes a difference.

1. I think this product has been number one for a few years now, which is a sad reflection of how much stress we are all under. The product is Balance for Nerves and we use it daily to help support people who are struggling with stress and anxiety. We love it because it seems to help reduce the feeling of anxiety, making life easier, often within a week of starting to use it. Indeed we had one lady who came in on the Friday, completely frazzled. She took the Balance for Nerves and returned the following Tuesday, swearing she felt a little better. So if you are frazzled this season - maybe it’s the one to try.